I don't know about y'all but I love beautiful and girly rooms. The rest of my home is decorated in a gender neutral tone but this room is MY office so I pulled rank and made it super girly and pretty. So often we see these gorgeous rooms on blogs and tv shows and wish that we could afford something so elegant. Well, it's definitely doable! I purchased most of the items in this room at Target. Those fabulous flower throw pillows can be found here. The adorable gold striped bow lumbar pillow can be purchased here. That black and white tribal throw is one of my favorite items! You can find it here. The bed frame is from Ikea and can be found here. Those classy faux silk curtains can be found here. The site is called Chic Panda Mom so of course I had to have something panda related in my office. I ordered the panda dictionary page on Amazon and they have other animal printouts available. Those gorgeous gold folders are from Kate Spade. The matching planner is from Kate Spade as well. The pink chandelier lamp really pulls the desk together in my opinion. I just adore the painting above the bed. It is no longer available on the website but this was purchased from Target as well. Last but certainly not least is the super fluffy and soft pink rug. It is seriously soooo soft and I love having it under my feet while I work. It's not very thick but serves its purpose. All in all, I think that this room turned out rather elegant, classy and chic. The shocking news is that it didn't cost much at all! Beautiful things don't HAVE to be expensive. ;)