Halloween Candy

Here's a mildly controversial topic...

Today I found myself preparing for Halloween and that including purchasing candy for the neighborhood kids. Don't you remember being one of them? Your ultimate goal on Halloween was to get tons of GOOD candy. I remember basing my choices of houses to visit on how big they were and what kind of cars were in their driveway. I know that's horrible but hey, if they have money odds are they are more likely to purchase full sized candy bars! This is NOT necessarily accurate. It turns out that a lot of those houses give out things like apples and toothbrushes. Exactly what you wanted, right? Wrong. Halloween only comes once a year. It's a tradition that goes back to the 1920's. Nothing gives me more joy than a happy child. I'm pretty sure if given a toothbrush, a child isn't going to give you a huge genuine smile. If they were raised properly they will say thank you and give you a little fake smirk but deep down they probably hate your guts.



There's also the question of whether or not to buy the "healthy" or shall I say "healthiER" candy from Whole Foods. I'm not going to lie...I considered it and then my lovely adult child suggested that I revert back to my years as a kid. I remembered the candy that I used to look forward to. It definitely wasn't from Whole Foods. I didn't even know what Whole Foods was! Nothing screams jackpot more than a full sized candy bar. Am I right? This weekend I decided to stock up on candy for Halloween since there were "on sale" signs everywhere. As I stood in the Halloween candy section of Target I noticed tons of bags of "fun sized" candies but multiple boxes of full sized bars also caught my eye. In fact, they won the battle and ended up in my cart.


We are new to our block and being young parents...the kids don't exactly take us seriously. As a matter of fact they constantly run to our front door, ring the door bell and disappear before I get to it. I see them laugh once they see me at the door. I get it. I was a kid once. I hate to admit that I plan on bribing children with a fabulous candy selection but HEY! I'm bribing children with an awesome candy selection. Is it wrong? Maybe a little bit but I'm pretty sure they are going to be pranking us less and who knows...maybe they'll think we are cooler once they hit the "jackpot house." 

When witches go riding
And black cats are seen,
The moon laughs and whispers
'Tis near Halloween