Brittany Blair

My morning and bedtime skin regimen...

Brittany Blair
My morning and bedtime skin regimen...

"To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin." - Ellen Degeneres 

It wasn't until recently that I became obsessed with skin care. To be honest, I used Clean & Clear Morning Burst cleanser in the morning and St. Ives Apricot Scrub twice a week to exfoliate. I never used moisturizer or anything along those lines. That worked for me but lately I've been seeing more and more older women who have not taken care of their skin and my oh my does it show. Nowadays there are so many procedures to alter your face in order to look younger. While this is a savior to many, I've learned that looking at a women's décolletage more likely than not will reveal her true age. Now I am very adamant about sticking to my daily and nightly skin care routine and I'd like to share my favorite products with you. 

  • Remove any makeup that may be leftover from the previous day. Sometimes stubborn waterproof mascara stays on and you see it below your eyes the next day. I like to take some Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier and pour it on a cotton ball to remove any leftover makeup before doing anything else. By the way, this is my go to product for removing makeup! I prefer the pink bottle because it's less oily but the blue is sometimes necessary when removing waterproof makeup. 
  • Next, I clean my face. I switch off every other day between two cleansers. The first cleanser is the Mild Liquid Facial Soap by Clinique. While this cleanser isn't the greatest smelling, it works great and is very mild. Many cleansers tend to be too chemically. This one has just enough of everything to successfully clean your skin without too much harshness. The second cleanser that I use is the Glow Mud Cleanser by Pixi Skintreats. I am absolutely in LOVE with this cleanser. I love everything about it. It smells fantastic and I love the way my skin feels after using it. It's brightening and clarifying and the 5% glycolic acid melts the "glue" that binds dead cells and debris to your skin's surface. This allows you to reveal the healthy "new" cells below. 
  • After cleansing, I like to go in with a toner. I have two toners that I like to use so I'll share both of them with you. The first is the Clarifying Lotion 2 by Clinique. My skin tends to be dry so I use the purple toner. It works best for me. I love how refreshing this toner makes your skin feel after cleansing. The second toner that I like to use is Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner by Pixi Skintreats. The Clinique toner is also exfoliating but I think that the Pixi toner is more of an exfoliating toner. The Clinique has more of a refreshing feel and really wakes you up. The Pixi toner is more subtle. I tend to use the Clinique more often because in the morning I like to be refreshed and woken up. However, the Pixi toner definitely gets used. 
  • The second product I use after cleansing is moisturizer. I use the Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer by Pur~Lisse. This recently became my favorite moisturizer. I received it in a Fab Fit Fun box and loved it so much that I purchased a larger tube of it. What interested me the most about this product is that it was created by an Asian woman. I am also Asian and our skin is so sensitive and porcelain like. Caring for it isn't as simple as one would think. What I love most about this product is that it's made without parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colors/fragrances, GMOs, sulfates and phthalates. It's made with all natural ingredients such as blue lotus, white tea, lupine peptides, soy proteins and seasilk which protect the skin against aging and deliver healthy, glowing skin. It smells great and like I said skin feels amazing after I apply it. I highly recommend this product!
  • After moisturizing, I apply my eye cream. There are currently two different eye creams in my bathroom. The first is the Restore and Renew Eye Cream by No 7. The second is the Anti-Aging and Hydrating Eye Cream by Aphrodite. They both firm and tone and honestly I've had great results with both. I prefer the Aphrodite over the No 7 because it smells better. It is made with olive oil and smells incredible. I used to have huge circles under my eyes...not anymore!
  • After I apply my eye cream I go ahead and use another product which is technically another moisturizer but I use it because of the natural glow that it gives you. It's the Glowtion Day Dew by Pixi Skintreats. This lotion is so soothing and the glow is fantastic. When I apply this cream I normally don't even put makeup on afterwards. You could skip the first moisturizer and go directly to this if you want. 
  • The second to last product that I use is the Forever Youth Liberator Serum by Yves Saint Laurent. This product is super expensive but I promise you it's absolutely worth it. This is by far my favorite product. I apply this serum to my entire face and décolletage. It is made up of the highest concentration of Glycanactif and it is formulated to help restore your skin's youthful beauty. The biggest problem with aging on my face is the lines on my forehead. I have seen a huge difference since I started using this serum. I HIGHLY recommend it. 
  • I finish my morning routine up with a few drops of Maracuja Oil by Tarte. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff. I rub it all over my face and décolletage. This oil is cold pressed from the maracuja fruit. It nourishes and protects your skin. Sometimes I like to mix a few drops in with my foundation. The oil forms an antioxidant barrier on your skin. It's 100% natural and the benefits are incredible. This is one of the products that I refuse to start my day without. As I said, a little bit goes a long way so don't worry about buying the bigger bottle of it. Y'all are going to love the design of the bottle. It's fabulous. It's a very appealing dropper and not like your typical dropper. You'll see what I'm talking about should you choose to purchase it which you should! ;) 
  • My bedtime routine is very similar to my morning routine so I'm not going to write too much about products that were previously mentioned. The first thing that I do is to remove my makeup using the Micellar Water by Garnier. 
  • Next, I cleanse my face using my Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser. 
  • After cleansing a pat my face dry with a towel. I think that it's very important to pat your face dry rather than rub it so that you don't irritate your skin. After my skin is dry I go in with either my Pixi Glow Tonic Toner or my Clarifying Lotion 2 by Clinique. 
  • When I am done using the toner on my face I use one of three moisturizers. I like to switch it up. The first is listed above...the Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer by Pur~Lisse. The second is the Even Brighter Everyday Moisturizer by Honest Beauty. This moisturizer is very smooth and smells wonderful. The third is Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion by Clinique. Like I said I like to switch it up so I usually use a different one every day.
  • After moisturizing, I go in with whichever eye cream I feel like using that evening. Both are listed above. I choose between the Anti-Aging & Hydrating Eye Cream by Aphrodite and the Restore & Renew Eye Cream by No 7.
  • After I apply my eye cream, I go ahead and apply my Youth Liberator Serum by YSL. 
  • After I finish applying my YSL serum I go in with my Pixi Overnight Glow Serum. 
  • Following the Overnight Glow Serum, I use my Maracuja Oil by Tarte. As used in my morning routine...I go ahead and rub about three drops in my hand, rub them together and apply all over my face and décolletage. 
  • Last but certainly not least is the Beauty Sleep Cream by Pixi. This is my favorite bedtime product. Not only does it feel amazing but it smells great as well. Lavender and chamomile are two of the ingredients living up to its name...Beauty SLEEP Cream. I refuse to go to bed without applying this product. I put it all over my face and décolletage.


If I have breakouts or I can feel one coming on I use a different cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I'll quickly share the ones that I use with y'all. 


If you click on any of the pictures above, it will take you directly to the website where I purchased the listed product(s). Please keep in mind that I am not doing this post as an affiliate or for any type of personal gain. These are truly the products that I use every day and I've seen incredible results and wanted to share them with all of my fabulous subscribers! I hope y'all enjoyed and I hope that you got some handy information out of this post.