I've had a subscriber ask me for some tips on how to save money and be wiser when it comes to spending, shopping etc. I have so many tips but I'll give y'all the best ones. I apologize in advance for all of the lengthy paragraphs but there's really no way around it. I promise you if you follow some of my advice you'll save some money so it's worth a read. Happy reading! :)


Ebates is a fabulous site. If you're anything like me you rarely find the time to shop so you order things online. Why wouldn't you spare the two minutes out of your day to sign up for it? All you have to do is create an account and download the icon in your browser. Ebates does everything else. Every time you go to a website if there's cashback available for that particular site a pop-up will appear asking if you'd like to earn a certain percentage of cashback. For example...during the holidays I purchased a few things from Shutterfly and earned 8% cashback. It doesn't seem like much at the time but it adds up! You get paid every three months either by check or to your PayPal account. It's a no-brainer. You literally get paid to shop. If you'd like to sign up click on the following link. I promise you you'll love it! I sure do.

Most people get annoyed by e-mail spam. Not me! I set up a separate e-mail address specifically for these e-mails. Sign up for newsletters whenever you can. Most of the time those stores will send you coupons and even exclusive savings that aren't available to everyone. I only go through the e-mails maybe once every couple of weeks. If I need a coupon for whatever store I'm shopping at I just type the name of the store into the e-mail search bar and bam...all of the e-mails from that store pop up and nine times out of ten I find a working coupon code. 

Another piece of advice I can give you when it comes to couponing is to use as many as you can. Most of the time coupons say that only one coupon can be redeemed at a time. Sometimes that is true but I'd say six out of ten times the store will allow you to use more than one coupon. I'll give you an example: I'm sure you all saw my fabulous Christmas decor. Looks pretty expensive, ay? It wouldn't been had I not couponed the heck out of Michaels. I waited for them to have a huge sale. All Christmas decor was 50% off and they allowed me to use a 20% off coupon AND a $10 coupon. You do the math. 

Wasting food....We all do it. Don't pretend that you're perfect and don't. Do we do it on purpose? No. It happens. Life happens. I occasionally find myself wasting a little bit of food nowadays but I have come a long way and here's how. At the beginning of the week I write out a plan for the entire week including breakfast, lunch and dinner. I pick out which meals I'm going to cook and write out all of the needed items. I go to the grocery store and while I may slip at times I try to only buy those needed items. This keeps you from straying from the list and buying tons of crap that you do NOT need. 

I'm sure some of you are vegan or vegetarian so this paragraph will not apply to you. Feel free to skip. Fresh Market is often stereotyped to be this super expensive place that's up there with Whole Foods if not higher. This is true at times but I'm going to let you in on a little secret if you don't shop there. TUESDAYS. Tuesdays are going to be your new best friends. Every Tuesday, Fresh Market offers an incredible deal on ground beef and boneless, skinless chicken breast. They are both $2.99/pound. That's right! $2.99/pound. The meat is very high quality too which is great. I go once a month and freeze some. This saves me money AND time. DO IT. Seriously. You won't regret it. You'll thank me! 

The Honest Company has saved me money. Not only are their diapers cute but they are also quite affordable. How often do you find yourself stocking up on Huggies or Pampers and then before you know it your kid is out of whatever size you purchased in bulk? The Honest Company has monthly bundles in which they send you the perfect amount of diapers, overnight diapers and wipes for a month. It's $79.95 a month for wipes AND diapers. They even have training pants that you can add to either replace a pack of regular diapers with or add to your bundle. 

They also have monthly bundles for essentials. Essentials in this case are things like shampoo, body wash, household cleaners, laundry detergent, dish soap etc. A monthly bundle is less than $40 and you can pick different items every single month. I love this bundle because every month you need different things. One month you can get shampoo, hand sanitizer, dish soap and toilet cleaner and then next you can get deodorant, toothpaste and laundry detergent. Try it out. If it isn't for you then cancel. Their company has impeccable customer service. 

BULK BULK BULK. When there's a good sale...STOCK UP. If you see an absolutely incredible deal on let's say toilet paper, paper towels or dish sponges...buy as much as you can afford. I do this with things that I'll always need and often stick to items that will never expire. If storage is an issue for you then this method may not be suitable for you but if you have a little bit of extra space I highly suggest it. 

How many of you love Starbucks? I did. I mean, I still do but it's not an extreme addiction for me like it used to be. Starbucks can literally break our bank account as can any establishment when you visit them daily or even every other day. Let's say you go to Starbucks every morning during the week and get a $5 cup of coffee. $5 may not seem like much at the time but after a week you've spent $25. After a month you've spent $100. After a year you've spent $1200. This doesn't even include the days where you decide to splurge and get a venti frapp, an extra shot or a pastry.

I'm going to introduce you to my time and my bank account's savior...Nespresso. Keurig is great and all but it's just not the same as a cup of espresso or Starbucks. A friend of mine turned me onto Nespresso and I have to tell you...it's my biggest win of 2016. I paid less than $100 on the machine itself and the capsules are less than a dollar a piece. You save money on gas by having the ability to make your delicious Starbucks quality (if not better) coffee from the comfort of your own home and you save so much money. I'm going to stop there because I've written a novel but clearly I have a strong liking for this brand. 


Feel free to share some of your favorite secrets to saving! I hope that you've learned something new and if you try any of these out...I hope (I know) they will work for you. If you have a particular question about how I purchase certain things feel free to comment and I'll try to answer the best I can. I hope everyone had a lovely New Year. Now go out there and kick 2017's butt.