My Favorite Children's Books

My Favorite Children's Books

Hey, lovelies! Happy belated Groundhog's Day! To those of you in cooler areas...I'm sorry my buddy, Phil, predicted that a longer winter is in store for y'all. Today's post will be focusing on one of my all time favorite children's items...books! I don't know about your kids but mine absolutely LOVES books. She could "read" all day if she could and she's not even two years old. She sits in her Hello Kitty chair with a stack of books next to her and flips through them. It's adorable. I'm going to share my favorites with you. Some of them are classics that are probably already a part of your home library and others are some fabulous finds that I want you all to have the pleasure of reading/owning. As usual...all of the photos of the items are hyperlinked so you can purchase them for yourself if you so desire. :) 


Let's start with the classics...

Who doesn't absolutely adore this book?! I tear up every single time I read this book to my daughter and I say these words to her every night as I tuck her into bed. This is my favorite childhood book of all time. I remember my mother reading it to me as a kid. It never gets old. It sends such a powerful message. Many find it to be depressing but it shows us what life is...what love is. The true story behind this book is absolutely heart breaking but I'm going to share it with you because I hadn't a clue until I stumbled upon it in my research. The author, Robert Munsch explains the origin of this phenomenal book on his website:

“I made that up after my wife and I had two babies born dead.  The song was my song to my dead babies.  For a long time I had it in my head and I couldn’t even sing it because every time I tried to sing it I cried.  It was very strange having a song in my head that I couldn’t sing.

For a long time it was just a song, but one day, while telling stories at a big theater at the University of Guelph, it occurred to me that I might be able to make a story around the song.

Out popped Love You Forever pretty much the way it is in the book.”

Life is a remarkable thing. One person's pain and heartache turned into a work of art that has impacted so many people's lives. Is it heart breaking? Of course. However, I'm so grateful that he had the courage to share his beautiful work with the rest of the world. 

I know what you're thinking...crappola! This lady is writing novels about each book. Don't worry! The description for that book in particular was especially long because I thought y'all would be interested in its origin. The rest of the descriptions will be short, sweet and to the point.  Some of them won't even have descriptions! ;) 

This was my second favorite book growing up. I had no clue that it was from the late 70's. This Little Golden Book by Jean Cushman was one of my all time faves. I used to LOVE helping my mom around the house and this book was about just that. The kids help their mother go grocery shopping, clean the house, make food and clean up their toys before bed. I believe there's also a daddy version. I've yet to take this one out yet because it's one of my favorites and I don't want my daughter to mess it up. I'll bring it out and read it with her soon enough and I can't wait. After reading this book as a kid I could not wait to help mommy! 

There are so many editions of this book. Andrew and I searched far and wide to find one in particular. The one we have is the one that we grew up with. It is the 1975 version and what's special about this one in particular is the coloring. The pages are this super bright and mesmerizing orange. They captivate the child and quite frankly blow their minds. If you're able to get your hands on a copy of this version...I highly suggest that you do. 

Let's move on to some of the newer books that I love. 

This book is my FAVORITE. It is a Christian book so if you don't mind some religiousness in your life I highly suggest it. I love that it combines two of my favorite things...pandas and faith. The book is about the love between a mother or father panda and their cub (s). 

This set of books is my daughter's favorite. She loves the books themselves but she especially loves the carrying case that they come in. She loves organization like her momma. I personally love this little set because it's perfect for on the go. You can just throw the carrying case in a bag or straight into your car. You can't beat twelve books in one box and who doesn't love Finding Dory and all of the adorable characters. 

This book is fantastic for toddlers. It has so many beginner words with bright and colorful pictures to accompany them. The book is super high quality and my daughter loves it. 

These are all of our favorite books. If you haven't read any of them I highly suggest that you check them out. I promise you that you won't regret it! Here's to some fabulous quality time with your kiddos! Enjoy!