Brittany Blair

My Go-To Lunch Box Faves

Brittany Blair
My Go-To Lunch Box Faves

Well, dearies...back to school season is among us. Many of us have dreaded it (first time parents) and many others have been counting down the days. Today I will be sharing my favorite snacks and lunches for children of all ages' lunch boxes. 


I love love love Annie's organic products. I know that many of them aren't what most would consider "healthy" but they are definitely healthier than similar products on the market. I grew u on products such as Teddy Grahams and Goldfish and I turned out just fine but it's nice to know that there are organic products on the market that satisfy our children just as well and have little to no artificial flavors or coloring and preservatives. My daughter absolutely loves Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies. In my opinion, they taste just as delicious as Gold Fish but have way fewer ingredients. 

These granola bars from Annie's are another staple in my daughter's lunch box. These are the organic equivalent of Quaker Chewy Bars. These two flavors in particular are my daughter's favorite. They come in other flavors as well such as oatmeal cookie and peanut butter. 


There are multiple apple sauce brands out there but Simply Balanced Apple Sauce which is available at Target is my favorite. These are not only organic but also, affordable. They come in a vast variety of flavors such as apple, apple-strawberry, apple-carrot, apple-spinach and apple-banana. If I'm unable to make it to Target I'll get the Go-Go Squeeze Organic pouches but there have been so many recalls on them (the non-organic ones) and I'd rather be safe than sorry. 


I don't think anything even needs to be said about this delicious fruit. :) 


My daughter is a huge cheese lover. It's probably her favorite snack and who could blame her? Up until I recently became a vegan, cheese was one of my favorite snacks as well. Protein is so crucial in a child's development and these cheese sticks provide plenty of it. They are easy to pack and simple for your child to snack on. Win-win. 


Not all of you have a Trader Joe's nearby and for that I apologize. I love me some Trader's! This snack in particular is fabulous. Their hummus is delicious but this mediterranean hummus comes complete with pita chips making your life simpler! If you don't have a TJ's near you, you can always opt to put any brand of hummus in a little container and pack veggies or crackers of your choice for dipping. 


A lot of kids aren't exactly keen on eating their vegetables. Pack them some snow peas or sugar snap peas with a side of ranch and watch them magically disappear! Ranch makes everything better and there's plenty of healthier ranch dressings available to us nowadays. I have a vegan ranch in my refrigerator that is absolutely delightful. 



Okay, my lovelies. Let us move on to actual lunches. Sandwiches are all well and good and not to mention convenient but in my opinion, wraps are all the rage! I am going to list all of my favorite choices for wrap ingredients in bullets below for y'all...

  • spread cream cheese and add veggies
  • shredded apples with mild cheddar cheese sounds odd but is surprisingly delicious 
  • black beans, mashed avocado and brown rice topped with a shredded cheese of your choosing 
  • strawberries or bananas and almond butter (most schools are peanut-free nowadays) 
  • sour cream or ranch, grilled chicken, some veggies and shredded cheese
  • hummus and cucumbers (nom nom nom!)

The varieties are endless!