Apps on my iPhone
  • Maps….I’ve tried multiple GPS apps including Google Maps and Waze. I always seem to go back to the Apple Maps application. Must be the Apple girl in me. There are a lot of pros to this application. You can customize the language and accent the directions are spoken in and any addresses attached to other applications, contacts etc. can be easily accessed in the app. I’d easily say this is in my top 5 for most apps used.

  • Delta….Let’s be honest. Delta is the best airline hands down. Their app is perfect and adds so much convenience to our already super hectic lives. You can check in for your flight the day before on it. You can upgrade your seats, choose your seats and obviously book flights on it. You’ll be able to see your gate, terminal and baggage claim numbers etc.

  • Marriot Bonvoy….This is the new Starwood app that replaced the SPG app. It gives you the convenience to book your stays and keep track of your loyalty points.

  • Smart Traveler….If you travel abroad you absolutely need this app! We use STEP which means Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This is available to access via this app and is a free service that allows U.S. citizens/nationals traveling abroad to enroll with the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. We always add our trips on here and enroll when we travel abroad.

  • Hotel Tonight….Hotel Tonight is my go-to app to book a hotel room last minute. The thing I love most about this application is that you can get hotels that are super expensive last minute for an incredible discount.

  • eBags….To be honest, I just downloaded this app this last week. We recently received these new luggage tags from eBags which come in all sorts of designs. Instead of having to handwrite all of your information on a luggage tag you can just get one of these and fill out your information. The tag has a barcode that can be scanned. You just register your tag ID on the app including a description of your bag (e.g. Brittany’s Louis Vuitton Duffle). It will give whoever finds your bag your info. I love the concept and can’t wait to try it. I’m hoping nothing will happen on our next trip to Paris/Spain but I’ll let you know how I like the tag.

  • Uber….Do I even have to explain why I have and love this app? However, I do want to share something with all the ladies out there. I recently read a post where a young lady got into what she thought was her Uber. People are now Pretending to be Ubers to lure young women into their cars for sex trafficking. Make sure you verify your driver, car, make and model! Uber has started to allow you to choose a color for your Uber which is illuminated on their dashboard so that definitely helps. Just be safe!

  • Sun Pass….Sun Pass is the pre-paid toll pass system that we use here in Florida. It’s what I have on my car and you can track all of your transponders from this app and make sure your balance doesn't get too low. It also allows you to monitor how many tolls you’ve gone through, what time, how much you paid and the location.

  • Travel Smart….Once again, if you’re traveling abroad this is an app for you. Up until I started dating my darling boyfriend, I didn’t really travel abroad often. We went to Rome for Christmas and we are going to Spain and Paris in April. Travel Smart offers travel insurance and it’s great. You can be old school and print out your insurance plan or you can just log in via the app and all the info you need is there. Highly recommend!

  • InterNations….If you’re traveling abroad and want to go to events and meet people this Is a really good application to have. You’re able to sign up for a membership and gain access to different events in whatever country (city) you are visiting.

  • Fuel Rewards….This is the gas rewards app for Shell gas stations.

  • Washe….Washe is awesome because going to the car wash takes time and sometimes you just don’t have time. Washing your car takes time as well. This gives you the luxury of a really good hand wash but they come to you and offer different packages.

  • iTranslate….iTranslate lets you type or speak in which ever language you speak and it immediately translates in to a language of your choice and you have the option to try to say it yourself or play the recording.

  • Speedpass+….This is the gas rewards app for Exxon and Mobil gas stations.

  • Mobile Passport….This app can help you save time and can be used for cruises and flights.

  • TaxFree4U….If you decide to purchase items overseas tax and duty free I highly recommend that you use this company. We used Global Blue and they were absolutely awful.

  • Blacklane….Blacklane is basically Uber on steroids.

  • The Moon….If you’re spiritual and believe in good and bad energy then this is definitely an app for you because let’s face it….people get crazy around a full moon. This app tells you what quarter it is, how full the moon is, moonset and moonrise among it’s many, many features.

  • Weather….I use the weather app that comes equipped with the iPhone which is brought to us by the Weather Channel. I like that it gives you the option to add multiple cities throughout the world.

  • T-Mobile….I absolutely love T-Mobile. I’ve had no issues with them thus far and they are fantastic for traveling abroad. Their app is lovely and allows you to handle anything you need to either through the app or via chat on the app. You can also pay your bill via the application.

  • FPL….This application wouldn’t apply to you unless you live in Florida but this is my electric company and I love their app. It allows you to see your projected future bill and your usage and also gives you the ability to view your bills both current and past and allows you to pay them directly through the application.

  • Tech PHD….Tech PHD is the is the company that I use for coverage of my iPhone XS Max. It includes my plan information, my coverage and the ability to start claims and check on current claims.

  • A Beautiful Mess (ABM)….I use this for all of my collages.

  • Boomerang….Don’t think I need to explain this one.

  • Flickr….I use this application to upload photos and then log in to the application on my Apple TV and use them as a screensaver. I get complimented every time I have company.

  • Canva….I use this app for everything graphic design related. Definitely in my top 5!

  • Videoleap….I use Videoleap to edit all of my videos. You can combine multiple videos, add filters, add voice overs and add music.

  • Lightroom CC….I use this app to edit my photos using presets which you can create yourself or purchase. Chic Panda Mom presets for purchase soon! This app is brought to you by Adobe.

  • Photos….Photos is a standard Apple application and is where all of my photos, screenshots and videos are stores. I love that you can organize everything by folders, location etc.

  • KiraKira+….This app lets you add glimmer to any video or photo.

  • Camera….Need I say more?

  • Philips Hue….This application allows you to control all of the Philips Hue lighting in your home. You can change the percentage of light, the colors and even set timers.

  • Total Connect Comfort (TCC)….This application allows me to remotely access my Honeywell start home thermostat. As long as my thermostat is connected to wifi, I can change the temperature in my apartment from wherever I am.

  • Apple TV Remote….This comes in handy if you’re like me and are constantly misplacing your Apple TV remote. This application allows you to use your phone as a remote control.

  • Ring….This is probably one of my favorites. I have multiple Ring doorbell cameras which are ideal for security and monitoring. You can see who’s at your door from your smart phone and it records. You also have the option to get notified when someone rings your door bell or even walks by it. I have caught people trying to break into neighbor’s homes, stealing packages and so much more. Definitely worth the cost.

  •….This is my go-to app when it comes to apartment and house hunting. I find that it’s the most navigable and organized.

  • Zillow….I use Zillow as well because some listings are on Zillow and not on

  • Facebook

  • Snapchat

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Nextdoor….This app is great for local news, buying & selling and local event info. It’s also great for reviews of local businesses.

  • Repost….This app is used to repost other peoples’ IG posts to either your IG story or feed.

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Twitter

  • Unfold….I use Unfold to create IG stories. The layouts and templates are gorgeous and super classy and minimal.

  • Replicon….this is the app that I use to clock in and clock out at work every day. If you’re a business owner, I highly recommend this company.

  • TriNet….We use TriNet for all things financial at work including pay stubs, tax documents, benefits, company contacts etc.

  • LinkedIn

  • Mailchimp….I use Mailchimp for my e-mail blasts when I release new blog posts. If you’re subscribed to my blog, this is the platform I use to send you updates.

  • Files

  • Gmail

  • Hangouts

  • Zoom…this app allows you to have cloud movies via audio and video.

  • GoToMeeting….This app is basically like Zoom. We use it at my company. It’s awesome on your computer because IT can gain direct access to your computer and see what you’re seeing and help you out. It’s also good for webinars.

  • Pagico….Pagico is one of the many organizational apps that I use for scheduling and organizing my life.

  • Trello….Trello is incredible. It also allows you to share “boards” with employees, family members etc. so you can share your tasks and get stuff done. It’s ideal for business, event planning and even vacation planning.

  • Curago….This is another calendar and organizational app but it’s more of a family calendar. I love it.

  • Calendar….This is Apple’s calendar and I love it because it allows you to integrate all of your calendars. It also allows you to create different color coordinated calendars for things such as work, bills etc.

  • Clock

  • Asana….I’m still getting used to this application but I think I may love it even more than Trello. I use the mobile app and the desktop version at work.

  • Activity….Love this app! It allows you to track your stand hours, your steps and your exercise. It also gives you the option to share your activity with your friends and family and even to compete with them for motivation. It goes along with your Apple Watch.

  • BetterMe….Obsessed with this app! This is the app that I use when I cross train. It has so many easy at-home workouts for when you can’t make it to the gym or it’s entirely too hot outside to go for a run.

  • Sweat….For all you BBG fans….this is the app you’ll find it on. It’s an incredible fitness app for all you ladies out there and there are countless features. I highly recommend checking it out.

  • Watch….This is the app that you use to maintain your Apple Watch.

  • GoodRx….If you don’t have this on your phone yet, download it! If your insurance covers your prescriptions, awesome. If not, all you have to do is put in the medication and dosage and it will find the cheapest location to purchase it at. All you have to do is show the pharmacy tech and your prescription will be discounted for you.

  • MyChart….This is the app that my hospitals and doctors use to electronically maintain my medical records and allow me access. It’s very convenient.

  • Express Care….This app is via the Cleveland Clinic and offers exactly what the name says, “Express Care.”

  • 98point6….This app is great! You sign up and pay a small fee. You’re able to chat with doctors via the app and explain your symptoms and they can diagnose you over the app and send in prescriptions to your pharmacy if necessaary.

  • Florida Blue….This is my health insurance app.

  • T-Mobile Tuesdays….If you have T-Mobile for your cell service you need to download this app. They give you free stuff on Tuesdays from free movie rentals to e-gift cards for places such as Starbucks, Panera and Dunkin Donuts.

  •….See something on IG on one of your favorite influencers posts that you want? Download this app and follow them and you’ll find links to everything from home decor to clothing to makeup. You can even favorite items if you’re not ready to buy yet.

  • Amazon….Let’s face it. Who doesn’t love Amazon Prime?

  • Etsy

  • CVS

  • Jet

  • Target….Another app that I use often. Target now offers drive up pick up and it’s so so convenient. You order via the app and can even apply cartwheel savings. You can also use the app for regular online shopping.

  • Ebates

  • Groupon

  • StockX….Been eyeing that gorgeous luxury bag but don’t want to spend the money? This is the app for you.

  • Nordstrom Rack

  • Bloomingdale’s

  • Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Express

  • Sephora

  • Urban Outfitters

  • American Eagle & Aerie

  • Nordstrom

  • Forever 21

  • boohoo

  • Nasty Gal

  • Asos

  • Ulta Beauty

  • BJ’s Wholesale

  • DSW

  • Publix Delivery via Instacart

  • Uber Eats….use the code ‘eats-brittanybl005ue’ for $5 off your first order

  • Instacart….use the code ‘BBLAIR14B10A’ for $10 off and free delivery

  • DoorDash….go to for $10 off your first order

  • Delivery Dudes

  • Walmart Grocery….go to for $10 off your first order for pick up or delivery

  • Grubhub….e-mail me at with the subject line ‘grub hub’ discount and i’ll send you $10 off your first order.

  • Deliveroo….this is basically the Uber Eats / Postmates in Europe.

  • AMC Theatres

  • Fandango Now….rent movies earlier than they are released at decent prices.

  • TV….allows you to access all of your purchased tv shows & movies that you purchased via iTunes.

  • iPic Theaters….best movie experience ever and the app doesn’t disappoint.

  • YouTube

  • Podcasts

  • Books….access all of your downloaded books purchased via iTunes including both regular books & audio books.

  • TED….access thousands of Ted Talks videos.

  • Prime Video….Amazon Prime video on the go.


  • Netflix

  • Fandango

  • Kindle

  • Bravo

  • HBO Now….Because……GOT starts soon! YAY!

  • CBS Sports

  • SleepWatch….I absolutely love this app. I like to sleep with my Apple Watch on and this app allows me to track the length of my sleep and even the depth of it.

  • Calm….This is my favorite app for sleep, meditation and more. Their sleep stories are great. I highly recommend the sleep story, “Blue Gold” narrated by Stephen Fry.

  • Headspace….this is another really good meditation app.

  • Meditation….This meditation app isn’t my favorite but it’s worth keeping. It’s helpful when you’re feeling stressed, tired, lonely or scared.

  • Breethe….This app has meditation for beginners and pros. It also has music and sound playlists to assist with sleep. There are exercises to help reduce stress and anxiety and even to perform better at work.

  • Poshmark….follow me! My name on there is ‘britteblair' Sign up using the code BRITTEBLAIR and get $5 off your first purchase. This is where I usually list unused item in my closet for sale.

  • eBay….I recommend listing higher priced ticket items on eBay.

  • Mercari….this application is similar to Poshmark. I usually post all the items I post on Poshmark on here as well.

  • Letgo

  • OfferUP

  • thredUP

  • Mail….I use the mail app to integrate all of my e-mail addresses (i.e. my iCloud e-mail, my work e-mail, my personal e-mail and my blog e-mail).

  • Brightwheel….I love this app! My daughter’s school uses it to send announcements, messages and pictures of her throughout the day.

  • Starbucks….We all know it’s no secret that I am a coffee addict….more specifically, a Starbucks addict. If you’re like me you need to download this app. You get stars for every purchase you make which eventually add up to free drinks or food. Win win. You can also order ahead and have your order waiting for you.

  • WhatsApp….I use this app when I want messages to be super secure and encrypted and for communications with friends and family overseas.

  • Apple Music….I use Apple Music and prefer it over Pandora and Spotify any day.

  • Safari….As much as I want to love Chrome….I’ll always be a Safari girl.

What are your go-to apps? Comment down below for a chance to win an iTunes gift card.