Our Veganish Diet

Hi, lovelies! I've had so many inquiries as to what our diet actually consists of. We are by no means 100% vegan but we do incorporate a lot dietary guidelines attributed to the vegan diet. My insight is that when your body is craving something, you need to listen to it. I am not talking about craving ice cream or chocolate bars. I'm referring to craving foods that contain iron, vitamins and other nutritious essentials your body needs to function properly. An example would be me craving red meat when I was suffering from severe endometriosis. I was craving this because my iron levels were low and my hemoglobin wasn't where it should have been. With that being said, I ate a burger or a steak in such situations. 

I say that our diet is "veganish" because "veganish" is easier to say than "plant-based-ish." If you were to suggest I approach this diet ten years ago, I wouldn't know where to begin. Luckily today there are so many options for all diets at grocery stores and even at restaurants. We also have the luxury of food items being labeled, "Non-GMO, organic" etc. which makes life simpler. 

Our diet consists primarily of fruits and vegetables. We get our protein primarily from plant-based protein powder, various nuts, nut butter, tofu, edamame, chick-peas, quinoa and Ezekiel bread. I'm going to share some fabulous recipes with you and lists of our go-tos for each meal of the day. Enjoy! 


I added strawberries in the time-lapse videos to give it some added sweetness and color! :)

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