Brittany Blair

Sunday Brunch with Mommy and Baby Panda

Brittany Blair
Sunday Brunch with Mommy and Baby Panda

Happy Sunday! Today, I decided to treat my mini to a mommy and me brunch brought to you by yours truly. I've been feeling really down and I figured some mommy baby panda time would help. I'll be sharing everything that I cooked today and what ingredients I used as this time-lapse video is too fast to see these things. 

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As most of you know, I am vegan (ish) so I stole Emma's plate for the photo op. Haha. That girl loves her meat and I'm not cutting it out of her diet just because I cut it out of mine. 

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Emma LOVES scrambled eggs. We always have large organic brown eggs in our refrigerator. I mix the eggs with a little bit of filtered lactose free milk, salt and pepper. The milk makes the eggs super fluffy. I heat my pan to medium and add a little bit of vegan butter. I then add my whisked (I use a fork) eggs to the pan once it's warm enough and the butter is melted. I don't need to tell y'all how to make scrambled eggs. 😉 As soon as the eggs are finished, I shut off the burner and add some shredded cheese. I ALWAYS have the fancy shredded Mexican blend cheese from Trader Joe's in the fridge. This is what I used today. I then transfer the eggs to a glass bowl. 

maple bacon.png

This stuff right here alone makes me miss meat! This is the best bacon ever. It's Emma's favorite as well. I wrap aluminum foil around a cooling rack and add it on top of a baking pan. I cut the bacon in half so that I can fit more and the portion sizes are better. It also cooks better this way. She likes her bacon extra crispy. I did too when I ate it. I heat the oven to 400 degrees and let it work its magic. Om nom nom. 


This stuff is magical! Its another Trader Joe's staple in our home and it should be in yours as well. Today, I topped both our scrambled eggs and our avocado with this. I don't need to show you what an avocado looks like either. I'm sure you saw it on the plate. I cut on half into slices and cut those slices in half and divide them between our plates. I use the other half later for lunch or dinner. 


I love my Nespresso machine but their coffee is expensive and I am on a budget right now. This is my go to coffee for my Keurig. It's absolutely delicious. I cheated today and used caramel macchiato creamer and whipped cream instead of my usual almond milk and stevia. 

I'm sure I'm going to get lots of questions about this mug. It's from Target and it's only $5.99! The picture will take you directly to it if you want to buy it for yourself. It's HUGE. It holds 27 oz. of coffee! That's a hell of a lot of coffee, y'all but us moms need this delicious mommy fuel in our lives. This is my favorite mug. It's super roomy and it's gorgeous. 


I hope y'all have a beautiful, beautiful Sunday! 

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Brittany & Emma
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