Brittany Blair

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Brittany Blair
Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Hi, beauties! Valentine's Day is less than a week away! Can you believe it?! In this post, I'll be sharing some gift ideas for those special men in your lives. As usual, you can shop these items directly by simply clicking on the photos. All of these lovely gift ideas are brought to you by my darling man and he has impeccable taste so take notes! 😘




Apple HomePod 

Apple enthusiasts unite! This gem is being released TODAY. How exciting! If you're like my boyfriend and I, you absolutely MUST have all the latest Apple gear. It's a no brainer. I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain to you what the HomePod is. You get it ;) It's pretty much the Apple equivalent of Alexa but better. Trust me when I say that he'll be a super happy camper if he opens this up this Valentine's Day! 🖤 




Anson Belt & Buckle

These belts are pretty damn cool. My love got these recently and at first I thought they were strange but when I figured out how they work, I was intrigued. They are simple to use, fashionable and sleek. These buckles and belts are detachable giving you the option to create countless masterpieces of your own. There are gift sets available here starting at just $99. These would be absolutely perfect for ANY man in your life whether he be your friend, husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, uncle etc. 





LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock for Smart Home

How nifty is this gifty! Haha. Sorry, y'all. I am sleep deprived and a little bit of a lunatic at the moment. There are thousands of clock faces to choose from giving him the ability to customize the clock to his liking. That's not all this awesome clock has to offer. It's capable of tracking weather, emails, events, alerts, news etc. in real-time! You can also stream music from your smartphone directly to its speakers. My favorite feature is its ability to connect with Phillips Hue to control your home. I think this would be a super great gift for the tech lover in your life. 





Paloma's Caliper Cuff Links from Tiffany & Co. 

I don't even need to say anything about these stunning cuff links, do I? I didn't think so! They are gorgeous and who could possibly complain about a gift from Tiffany's?! 



LaCie DJI Copilot

Another perfect gift for the tech lover in your life! This drive has an SD card slot AND a USB port to copy files directly from devices (no laptop necessary). He can even manage his files from the Copilot Boss (Backup On Set Solution) app which is sure to make his busy, busy life much easier and more manageable leaving more time for....YOU! 😉 




Cross Tech3+ Multi-Function Pen

This pen is the jack of all trades. It's a precision stylus, black pen, pencil (eraser included) and red pen all in one. It comes in a vast variety of finishes including engraved 23KT gold plating, frosty steel, lustrous chrome, metallic blue, red lacquer and satin black. Pictured is the lustrous chrome version which is the one my honey suggests. Again, his style is beyond compare so shut your cute little mouth and just go for it! It's sure to bring a big smile to the busy business bee in your life. 

I have one final suggestion and it's coming from yours truly. If you're low on money this year just put on something sexy (or nothing) and cook him his favorite meal! Perhaps wear nothing but an apron and heels? Hehe. Just a thought! Chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream are always a nice way to finish the evening (or start it)! May the force be with you, my darlings.