The following are my absolute favorite everyday household items! I don't think I could function without them. 

my secret to sparkling clean dishes

The Honest Company is fantastic. I use all of their products because they are safe for everyone in my family. Their dish soap (white grapefruit) smells incredible and does a fantastic job at cleaning my dishes. I use the auto dishwasher gel in the pre-wash section of the dishwasher along with a dishwasher pack in the regular section. I use their rinse aid to achieve super sparkly dishes. 


everyday cleaning

The Honest Company's multi-surface cleaning spray is great! I use it everywhere. They also have a bathroom cleaning spray but honestly, I just use the multi-surface spray in every room. It smells fantastic just like their dish soap and it works wonders on messes. Seventh Generations's disinfecting wipes are great. They disinfect surfaces without the harsh smell and feel of chemicals. I recommend leaving a container of them under the kitchen sink and in each bathroom for a quick daily counter clean. I use Honest's fruit and veggie wash to wash my fruits and vegetables. It removes dirt and wax from them and I love that it is non-toxic and free and clear. I use method's daily granite spray on my counters. I was shocked at how lovely it smells and it works better than any other granite cleaner I've used in the past. I've yet to find a stove top cleaner that works half as good as this one. I used to swear by bleach or scouring powder to clean my toilets but The Honest Company's toilet cleaner surprisingly does the trick and it smells much better. 


I'll always remember how excited I was when I received this vacuum. I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. She's beautiful and she does a fantastic job. I've always sworn by a canister vacuums and this one doesn't disappoint. I highly recommend the Dyson Cinetic Animal canister vacuum for anyone who's sick an tired of changing vacuum bags or cleaning out filters and various parts. I used to swear by mopping but our new house has laminate flooring and I've found that using a Swiffer is far more effective. I also love how convenient they are. I use their anti-bacterial wet jet cleaner because I have a very old dog who has accidents and an adventurous toddler who loves to run around the house. I love that it cleans the floors while disinfecting them and it smells great. The pads with the power of Mr. Clean's magic eraser are the best. I find myself going through double the amount of pads if not triple when I use the regular ones. Have hardwood floors? No worries! I bought my mom a Swiffer wet jet including the hardwood cleaner and she LOVES it. 

mmmmm mmmmm good....

 There's nothing quite as satisfying as a clean house. Oh wait..yes there is! A house that is clean AND smells delicious. Friends and family often comment on how amazing our house smells. I have multiple methods. When it's just us at home, I normally have a Scentsy burner going. When I have company, I light candles. Scentsy is great but I have a toddler and can't have burners everywhere or my house will become a spilled wax zone. Pictured below are my favorite Scentsy scents and my favorite Bath and Body Works candle scents. 

I've included a link to The Honest Company's website at the top of the page. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pictured items simply click on them and you will be re-directed. Comment and let me know what your favorite household items are! I love to try new things.