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pregnant? this is for you.

what to and what not to bring to the hospital.

Hey there! If you're reading this then you or someone you know is pregnant. Today, I'm going to be giving you some tips on what to pack in your hospital bag. Let's be honest here...bags. There's probably going to be more than one. The following are a MUST in my experience:

  • Comfortable clothes (Jersey maxi dresses were my go-to outfit while in the hospital. I brought sweats but you are NOT going to be in any condition to get in and out of pants. The first style is great if you plan on nursing your baby.)


  • Underwear (Sorry, ladies but it's not going to be a sexy lingerie shoot. Bring the most comfortable panties you have. You will be wearing those obnoxiously large hospital pads. I recommend Victoria's Secret's hiphuggers, bikini panties or boyshorts. I'd also recommend comfortable sports or nursing bras.) 


  • Toiletries (Most hospitals have a dispenser that is supposed to be body wash and shampoo in one. It's the worst. Bring your own shampoo, conditioner and soap. Trust me...you're going to want a nice shower and you're going to want to smell nice! You'll have visitors after all. All the toiletries I'd recommend bringing are pictured below.)
  • Makeup (Just bring the basics. You'll have visitors and you'll probably feel super ugly so a little bit of makeup is nice. Don't overdo it.) 


  • Nursing pillow (Even if you aren't going to be nursing your baby, a nursing pillow will be super helpful for feedings. Also, nursing or not...you're probably going to be leaking a lot so I suggest nursing pads. The washable ones make the most sense but in my experience, they suck. The disposable ones worked the best for me.) 


  • Baby clothes. (One cute outfit for going home is good but you're going to want your baby to be as comfortable as possible so I'd suggest sleepers or sleeper gowns with the built in mittens for the hospital stay. There's mixed theories but I put little mittens on my Emma so she wouldn't scratch her face. The little jersey beanies are perfect. Socks are key too! Don't let their little tootsies get cold. Also, depending on the weather when you give birth...a fleece one piece is nice for the trip home or a jacket.) 


  • Blankets, bibs etc. (Hospital blankets are alright but I preferred the ones that I brought. I brought a soft blanket and a few swaddles blankets. Bibs are handy as well. Don't forget about burp cloths! I brought a couple soft washcloths too. My daughter also had her "lovey" from day one. Please keep in mind that I was in the hospital for four days so use your best judgment.)


  • Diapering (I use the honest company diapers but they simply aren't necessary for the first few days. Just use the ones the hospital provides. I am, however, super picky about wipes so I brought my own. Everything else needed for changing diapers will be provided by the hospital. Although, I did also bring my own diaper rash cream.) 


  • Formula/Bottles (I breast fed my daughter but I know that's not an option for every mother. In a lot of cases, the formula used by hospitals is among some of the worst so I'd suggest bringing your own formula and bottles so that there's no confusion when you get home. I've had excellent results with the Closer to Nature bottles/nipples from Tommee Tippee. Their bottle brush is fantastic too. I brought bottles, nipples and pacifiers and sterilized them prior.)


  • Stuff for your partner! (I had a cesarian so we were in for the long haul. I brought Andrew a comfortable pillow, a soft blanket, a change of clothes, his toothbrush and toothpaste and of course BOOZE because I'm sweet like that. Bring a comfy pillow and blanket for yourself as well!)
  • Entertainment (Your baby will be sleeping a lot as will you but you will find yourself with some bored down time. I suggest bringing a book, your tablet, iPad or computer so that you can watch movies or shows and read. Make sure you bring headphones too just in case you don't want to disturb the baby.) 

I'm sure it seems like a lot of stuff. if you're having a natural delivery, you may not need everything i've listed but this is everything i had with me during my hospital stay and we actually ended up using it all. i hope this helps you decide what to pack! motherhood is absolutely incredible. the best of luck to you. <3